How Jarrett Jack was a mentor to Steph Curry

Steph Curry is the new NBA MVP, and his Warriors are two wins away from the Finals. Apparently, a current Net had a hand in that.
curry jack

When Curry accepted the MVP award, he was asked which teammate he learned the most from.

“The leader I learned from the most? Probably …Jarrett Jack had a big influence on me when he was here,” Curry said.

NBA TV showed the clip to Jack, who was sitting in on a postseason panel, and he was humbled.

“I would always just stay in his ear. Steph’s a quiet kid, not a boisterous kid by nature. But just telling him, ‘it’s paramount that your voice is heard, on a day-by-day basis.’ It needs to be, necessary, and people need to understand that your voice, not in an unbearable or annoying way, but you need to let them know the tone and the temperature is for Golden State basketball, period, point blank, from start to finish. And it’s gonna start with you and end with you.” (h/t to NetsDaily)

Brian Erni

It’s crazy, because the Nets seem to be searching for veteran leadership, and here’s Curry saying one of the biggest influence in him developing into an MVP was Jack. It leads me to believe that the team, which — the Nets will tell you, to a man — belongs to Deron Williams, needs to sprint in a new direction.

It just so happens that Brooklyn was laughable when D-Will and Jack were on the floor together. Maybe that’s a microcosm of a push-pull dynamic that we don’t have the full story to. Whatever the case may be, it’s clear that Jack is someone who can make a huge impact on younger players, which could make the $12.6 million he’s due over the next two years a relative bargain.


Barclays Center green roof coming together

A roof grows in Brooklyn.

One of the nation’s biggest green roofs on a sports arena is taking shape atop Brooklyn’s Barclays Center, where cranes are hoisting tons of steel beams and decking that will provide the base for an urban prairie in the sky.

Some sections of green are already sprouting. And when the project is complete by the end of September, the 3-acre curving rooftop is expected to be a hardy, verdant dome of grasses, flowers and plants.

Planners say the roof will not only make the hulking arena look nicer, it will also dampen noise from loud concerts and basketball games, and act as a sponge to capture about 2 million gallons of stormwater to keep it from draining into city streets and waterways.

Read more — and see the roof — on…


Pierce to Garnett: Minnesota will appreciate you more than Brooklyn

The hits keep coming from Paul Pierce.garnett wolves

In Howard Beck’s two-part oral history of Kevin Garnett’s career, The Truth took another shot at his former club when he told the story of encouraging Garnett to waive his no-trade clause this past February in order to return to the Timberwolves.

“I thought he made a good decision. I told him, ‘The people of Minnesota are really going to appreciate you more than they do in Brooklyn,'” Pierce tells Beck. “And I think he felt that.”

Earlier this year, Pierce called his experience in Brooklyn “horrible,” while slamming Deron Williams’ work ethic. During the Wizards’ playoff run, he laughed that the Nets surrendered so many picks to Boston to bring him aboard.

Brian Erni

In defense of all Nets fans, what was there to really appreciate about Garnett in a Nets uniform? He was a great mentor to young players like Mason Plumlee, but other than that? Not much. The guy was a monster in Minnesota, he won a title in Boston, but he’s a footnote in Nets history. In a few decades, you’ll find a picture of Garnett wearing a Brooklyn uniform and note just how wrong it looks. He was a 6.6 point, 6.7 rebound per game player here who undoubtedly worked his tail off, but he was a player in the twilight of his career. It’s hard for fans to fully appreciate a guy like that, especially when they paid a king’s ransom for him like he was still the turn-of-the-century All Star averaging 25 and 13 every night.

And Paul, it’s time to move on, man. We get it. You didn’t like it here. And for one playoff series win, we’re going to be paying the price for mortgaging our future for you for years to come. Stop rubbing salt in the wound.


Nets brass convenes in Russia to plot offseason

The Nets top decision makers met in Russia recently to discuss the franchise’s future (Bondy, May 19)king prokhorov

According to the Daily News, Billy King, CEO Brett Yormark, COO Freddie Mangione and CFO Charlie Mierswa were among the group who sat down with owner Mikhail Prokhorov and the organization’s No. 2 Dmitry Razumov in Moscow.  The topics of the meeting were a review of last season, and a look into next season’s plan.

Deron Williams is due $43 million over the next two NBA seasons, Joe Johnson is due $25 million, but is in the final year of his contract. Brook Lopez and Thad Young have the right to exercise their player options, or opt out and become free agents.

Brian Erni

I still don’t quite see how the Nets are going to undergo a major makeover. A meeting like that would seem to imply Brooklyn has big plans, but where are they going to turn? Outside of swapping Johnson to a contender, whose $25 million next season is at least an expiring deal, the Nets seem destined to be stuck with what they have. There’s not even incentive to let Lopez and Young walk and just be terrible with eye an towards next year’s draft, because the Nets won’t have a first rounder until 2019. Outside of targeting some role players that may help attract some major acquisitions next offseason, I think Brooklyn is going to look pretty similar when they take the floor in 2015, and a secret meeting in Russia just simply isn’t going to change that.


Bojan Bogdanovic named to All-Rookie second team

Bojan Bogdanovic has been voted to the NBA’s All-Rookie second team, the NBA announced on Monday.bojan lay up

Bogdanovic is joined by Marcus Smart of the Celtics, Zach LaVine of the Timberwolves, Jusuf Nurkic of the Nuggets, and Langston Galloway of the Knicks on the second squad.

The first team consists of Minnesota’s Andrew Wiggins, Chicago’s Nikola Mirotic, the Sixers’ Nerlens Noel, Orlando’s Elfrid Payton, and the Lakers’ Jordan Clarkson.

In 78 games played in 2014-15, Bogdanovic averaged 9 points, 2.7 rebounds, and 0.9 assists over 23.8 minutes per contest.

Brian Erni

At 25 years old, Bogdanovic wasn’t your typical rookie, but we still saw him go through the ebbs and flows that most first-year players experience in this league. There were points where he was unstoppable, and other times where he couldn’t get out of his own way. But at the end of the season, it was clear he had earned Lionel Hollins’ confidence, and Bojan will be a major factor for this team going forward. As pessimistic as I can be about the future, Bogdanovic has the potential to be someone who takes a step toward being an impact player and provides this team an unexpected spark, which is something they desperately need.


Report: John Welch mulling an offer to join the Kings bench

dwill welch

Nets assistant coach John Welch may be on his way to Sacramento.

According to, George Karl has made an offer to Welch to be his right-hand man on the King’s bench. (Howard-Cooper, May 14)

A source told NetsDaily that Welch “has not made a decision,” which the site says is an indication that an offer has indeed been made (NetsDaily, May 14)

Welch was on Karl’s staff in Denver before leaving for Brooklyn two years ago to join Jason Kidd’s staff. He was retained on Lionel Hollins’ staff this year and oversaw the offense.

Brian Erni

I actually think this would be a huge loss for the Nets. Welch is a great basketball mind, specifically in the developmental aspect of the game. The Nets have enough problems with sloppy play, and will likely have to rely on younger, low-cost players to fill out their roster, all in an effort to avoid the luxury tax. Without Welch’s influence, we could be in for a lot of meandering through practice, and I’m afraid that could lead to even more turnovers and mental lapses come game time.

This pretty much seems like a done deal, so it will be up to Hollins to fill some pretty big shoes on his bench. I’ll be curious to see who he turns to.


What is the mysterious Nets “stretch” uniform?

The Nets will have a “stretch” uniform next season. But what does that mean?jersey slice

On Wednesday, the NBA’s adidas catalog leaked and gave the public a ton of insight as to what new uniforms are planned for next season. The Nets are listed as one club that will have a “stretch” uniform, but no one seems to know what that means, even Paul Lukas at Uni Watch.

“One confusing issue is the NBA’s use of a new term: “Stretch” uniforms,” Lukas explains. “It’s not clear if this refers to stretchy fabric or (more likely) a ‘stretching’ of the team’s visual identity. We’ll find out soon enough.”

On the listing in the catalog, the description for the stretch uniform says, “Teams may elect to modify their Primary Road Uniform. All trim items will remain the same.”

Brian Erni

Very interesting. I doubt it has to do with fabric (the Revolution 30 fabric adidas introduced years ago is already pretty stretchy), so I’d assume this program gives teams the option to play with their road designs. If true, it could mean anything from adding an outline somewhere, or maybe a “BK” crest on front? The choices are pretty endless. Needless to say, I’d assume we’ll be seeing some new wrinkle in the Nets’ look at some point next season.