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Report: Prokhorov close to buying out Ratner

Mikhail Prokhorov is closing in on buying out Bruce Ratner’s share of the team and Barclays Center, and he’s reportedly getting a bargain.

The NY Post reports that Prokhorov will soon acquire Ratner’s 20 percent of the Nets and 55 percent of the arena for roughly $100 million cash after he agrees to forgive roughly $40 million Ratner owes him to cover team losses.

Prokhorov acquired controlling interest of the team for $200 million in 2010.

Brian Erni

Wow, that would be a steal. I know Barclays Center has a ton of debt ($640 million, says NetsDaily), and the team has been operating at a loss the last few seasons, but a lot is set to change. The Nets have stopped frivilously spending, and the Islanders are about to give Barclays Center 41 guaranteed dates for the next 25 years. Provided the team doesn’t take on any more debt, Prokhorov should be able to dig out of this current hole, then cash out big when the time comes.

What this would mean for spending on the team is to be determined. However, based on the belief that Prokhorov will probably want to sell sometime in the next decade, I think it’s safe to assume the Nets will be focused a lot more on youth than being significantly involved in free agency for a while.


Jack confident in the Nets, his ability to start

Jarrett Jack isn’t interested in what the media has to say about the Nets chances this season.

Jack was asked about the pessimistic projections that have been pouring in this offseason at the first day of the Nets Hamptons Basketball Camp, and Jack dismisses them out of hand.

“I don’t really look into it, I don’t put any stock into it,” Jack told reporters. “These opinions or whatever, I don’t know what they’re formed off of, but clearly there’s no way to say they’re going to be accurate. So what’s the point in really reading into it?”

Jack also said he’s confident in his abilities to assume the starting point guard role, as he pointed to his past experience.

“I’ve started in New Orleans, […] I started in Toronto. I’ve started in a few places so we’re just going to have to wait and see. Just answering questions is not going to show or prove anything on my behalf, so I’m just waiting until I can show and prove.”

Brian Erni

Of all the Nets who have something to prove this season, Jack has the most on the line. Ever since Brooklyn cut bait with Deron Williams, the spotlight has been fixed on Jack and his role in the offense, and he has many detractors. I’m not one of them. I think the Nets benefit from the stability he brings to the position, since the Nets could never anticipate what version of D-Will would show up. Now it’s time for Jack to lead.

The Nets will undoubtedly move the ball differently this year, and look to exploit defenses down low. If teams try to hunker down on Thad Young and Brook Lopez, that could open up a ton of room to operate for Jack, and that’s why I think he’ll have a very effective year distributing the basketball. Will he be able to prove his detractors wrong? Time will tell, but it’s clear he certainly seems intent on doing so.

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Nets have three on Sports Ilustrated’s Top 100 players list

The Nets have three players among the top 100 in the NBA, according the Sports Illustrated annual list.

Ben Golliver and Rob Mahoney ranked Brook Lopez 38th in the league, the highest of the Nets to appear on the list, and heralded an alteration to his game play that could make the center more versatile.

“More of [Lopez’s] offensive usage now comes from rolling to the rim rather than working with his back to the basket—a quiet change that dramatically alters what kind of role Lopez could occupy,” SI writes. “What Lopez has become is more flexible to the minute-to-minute needs of a modern NBA team.”

The other Nets on the list are Thaddeus Young, who came in at No. 75, and Joe Johnson, who is in spot No. 82.

Brian Erni

Sort of a far cry from 2013, when the Nets had five players in the top 50, which included three in the top 30. But that’s the nature of the beast for Brooklyn, who isn’t getting a lot of love from many of the national publications this offseason.

Obviously, SI is banking that Johnson’s days of being an impact player are over, but I do think they underestimate Lopez. Brook showed last season he can be one of the best players in the league when he’s healthy and put in the proper situation. Time will tell if all the criticism of the Nets’ roster is justified, but there is certainly no shortage of bulletin board material for Lionel Hollins to hang.

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Thad Young believes Jarrett Jack can get the job done

Many are skeptical that Jarrett Jack can thrive as the starting point guard for the Nets in the post-Deron Williams era. But Thad Young believes in the nine-year veteran.

When asked how he felt about Jack leading the Nets’ back court, Young told SiriusXM NBA Radio that he has high expectations.

“I have a lot of confidence in what he can do.” Young said.

In 80 games last season, Jack averaged 12 points, 4.4 assists, and 2.8 rebounds in 27.9 minutes per game.

Brian Erni

Point guard certainly is the biggest question mark for the team headed into the season, but it eases my mind a bit to hear Young give Jack his support.

Remember, Jack is a respected leader around the league — so much so that Steph Curry acknowledged Jack’s mentoring in his MVP acceptance presser. So while Jack might not be D-Will, he’s no slouch, either. And what he has lost in his first step he might make up for in tutoring the plethora of low-risk, high-reward point guards he has waiting behind him, potentially elevating them in the process.


Darryl Dawkins passes away

Former Net Darryl Dawkins has passed away at the age of 58 (Aug. 27).

Dawkins played for the Nets from 1982 to 1987. He also played for the 76ers, Jazz, and Pistons during a career that went from 1975 to 1989, averaging 12 points and 6.1 rebounds

Dawkins, who was the fifth overall selection in the 1975 NBA Draft, was known for his explosive dunks. He shattered the backboard twice in 1979 as a member of the 76ers.

A native of Florida, Dawkins was most recently the head coach of Lehigh Carbon Community College men’s basketball team.

NBA: New York Knicks at Brooklyn Nets

Bogdanovic tweaks his ankle, but should be fine

Bojan Bogdanovic tweaked his ankle while playing for the Croatian national team in a ‘friendly’ game on Thursday. (Aug. 27)

The injury is not considered serious, but Bogdanovic will need to rest it before he returns to action (Marinovic, Aug. 27)

Bogdanovic is still hopeful to play in the Eurobasket tournament, which kicks off on September 5.

Brian Erni

Bogdanovic has to be very careful with this. As I discussed earlier this week, he should be a central element to the Nets’ offense, and we’ve seen in the past how ankle injuries can linger if they’re not properly addressed.

It looks like Bojan dodged a bullet here, and it’s nothing more than a little tenderness. However, if he is anything less than 100 percent heading into Eurobasket, I’m sure the Nets would rather he err on the side of caution.

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Bojan Bogdanovic expects to get the ball more this season

Bojan Bogdanovic is ready to be a difference maker.

Earlier this month, Bogdanovic said in a post to his Facebook page that he expects to play a bigger factor in the Nets’ offense this season.

“I expect a whole new role, however not concerning the minutes spent on the court, but regarding ball allocation,” Bogdanovic wrote. “I expect to have the ball more often in my possession, and thus a better season than the previous one.”

In his rookie season, Bogdanovic averaged nine points, 0.9 assists, and 2.7 rebounds in 23.8 minutes per game.

Brian Erni

Based on the way Bogdanovic finished the season, he should get the ball more in the Nets’ new-look offense. After a big November, Bojan saw his minutes drop, and his numbers responded in kind. But over the course of his final 25 games, Bogdanovic averaged 11.7 points per game, shooting 51.3 percent over that span.

It may have taken Bogdanovic a while to adjust to the U.S., but it was clear from the way he finished that he can be an impact player in the NBA. Now that the Nets will have two major weapons down low to create some shooting space, Bojan should be a focal point, and the 26 year old sophomore is ready for the challenge.