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Report: Joe Johnson and Deron Williams didn’t get along

Add Joe Johnson to the list of players Deron Williams didn’t get along with during his time in Brooklyn.

A report from NetsDaily, citing a league source, says the team didn’t want to trade Johnson, and far preferred to buy out Williams to get salary relief.

“One insider, asked after [Williams] buyout if the Nets were still pursuing a Johnson trade, firmly said no,” NetsDaily wrote. “He volunteered there was probably no one more pumped about the buyout than Johnson.”

“I am sure Joe will have a tremendous season,” the insider told NetsDaily.

Brian Erni

Frankly, the only reason I was for trading Johnson was because I thought his contract could be more easily moved than Williams. And I’m very happy it worked out the way it did, especially after reading this.

It really speaks volumes about just how much of a drain D-Will was on this franchise that no one seemed to like him. He may have been effective when he was at the top of his game (which was rarely), but the fact that essentially every respected veteran who came through Brooklyn had a problem with Deron is really the tell tale sign of how his buy out could be addition by subtraction. Johnson certainly showed his age last season, but maybe in a happier, more productive environment, he can help the Nets rebound from a sub-.500 season.  


Five things we learned from Mikhail Prokhorov’s video message to Nets fans…

Nets Principal Owner Mikhail Prokhorov spoke about the Nets offseason in a video posted to the team website on Tuesday. Here’s what we learned…

  • Prokhorov believes the Nets had a strong offseason, better than some people expected.
  • Brooklyn shifted their approach to their players this offseason.
  • “We’ll do whatever we can” to win, he said.
  • Prokhorov will remain single, despite his promise to get married if the Nets did not win within five years.
  • Prokhorov said he will see Nets fans “soon.”


Nets to play Fenerbahce Ulker in preseason game

The Nets have announced they will host Fenerbahce Ulker for a preason game on October 5 at Barclays Center.

Fenerbahce, who plays in both the Euroleague and the Turkish Basketball League, is one of the top European teams, and was the former club of Bojan Bogdanovic.

Fenerbahce’s roster features multiple ex-NBA players such as Pero Antic and Ekpe Udoh.

Brian Erni

That should be a fun exhibition. I feel like Fenerbahce has been the unofficial Euroleague team of Nets fans, ans we all watched Bojan’s progress before he made the jump to the NBA last year. Now, we’ll get a chance to see the club up close and in person, as the Barclays Center brass continues to be at the forefront of moving the game in an international direction. It should be a fun night.


Larkin says he couldn’t grow in the Knicks’ triangle offense

Shane Larkin is now a Net, and apparently he’s very happy to be as far away from the triangle offense as possible.

The former Knicks point guard said in a tweet that he “couldn’t grow in an offense [he] wasn’t comfortable in” (July 27).

The comment was in response to Phil Jackson’s criticism back in February.

“Unfortunately, Shane hasn’t grown since the start of the season,” Jackson said of his former point guard last season.

Brian Erni

I think most who watch basketball will agree that the triangle is an arcane system; a product of an era long gone and not nearly as effective without Michael Jordan running it. But Jackson is doubling down on his offense and throwing his former players under the bus at the same time. There’s definitely more to Larkin than he showed in New York last year. The question is: how much? He’s certainly going to get a chance to prove that it was the triangle holding him back, and not the other way around. If he can, Brooklyn stands to gain what the Knicks lost.


Nets at 24th in Bleacher Report’s preseason rankings

Nets fans may have liked Billy King’s offseason moves, but one writer isn’t so sure it will translate into success on the court.

Bleacher Report’s Kevin Ding puts the Nets at 24th in his preseason rankings, two spots lower than the crosstown Knicks.

Jarrett Jack and Wayne Ellington are respected pros in this league, and the Nets expect to have better chemistry,” Ding writes. “But how often can you realistically plan on Jack and Ellington winning their guard matchups? Once per month?

Brian Erni

It’s clear that the guard play is going to be the narrative for the Nets heading into training camp. That’s fair, but I think it overlooks just how much better Brooklyn was up front toward the end of last season, and how improved the defense has the potential to be. They’re still going to need someone to distribute the basketball and make big stops against the premiere guards in the league. But I think we’re at a point where the loss of Deron Williams is being a bit overstated. Do the Nets need more help in the back court? Yes. Will it keep them in the bottom fifth of the league? That remains to be seen.

king at mic

Nets fans grade Billy King’s offseason above average

Earlier this week, SNY Nets asked Nets fans to grade Billy King’s offseason moves.

King retained Brook Lopez and Thad Young on multi-year deals, traded Mason Plumlee, bought out Deron Williams, and had Mirza Teletovic and Alan Anderson leave via free agency.

Half of the respondents gave King a B for his work in free agency and the draft. Only 12 percent of Nets fans gave King a below average grade (D or an F).

king's offseason grades

Brian Erni

I think that’s a fair representation of the moves King was able to pull off. I’d say it falls somewhere in the solid B+ range. Getting under the luxury tax was really the best thing King could have done. The fact that he was able to commit to his best players on the roster, and turn the culture of the team over with the Deron Williams buyout was really the icing on the cake. I do think that the guard play will be suspect, but that’s a need King can address when he sees how the current roster comes together. It’s hard, because Billy is punching himself out of a corner, but I think he made the best out of a bad situation.

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Nets will wear ‘Los Nets’ jerseys this season

The Nets will wear “Los Nets” jerseys this coming season.

A page from the NBA style guide leaked on Wednesday and shows that the Nets’ rumored “Stretch” uniform will be an identical version of the team’s road jersey with “Los Nets” across the chest, as opposed to the usual Brooklyn insignia.

Since their move to Brooklyn, the Nets have worn two different special edition Christmas uniforms, nicknames jerseys, and their Brooklyn Blues and Stars and Stripes alternates, in addition to their primary home and road uniforms.

Brian Erni

Ugh. That’s a bummer. I thought I may have had a beat on the Stretch uniform with this grey model, and it would have been a much better choice. The Noche Latina program is fine, but it makes for some snooze fest jersey ideas. It’s one thing if your chest insignia lends itself to being re-designed in Spanish (the Knicks “Nueva York” is the best of the bunch, by far), but “Los [INSERT TEAM NAME]” thing is just the worst.

Fortunately, with their Star and Stripes uniforms, the Nets have one of the best alternates in the league. So here’s to hoping we see that a lot more than these.