Updates from Media Day: Reggie Evans says Nets look good, Blatche says it’s up to them

12:27 PM: Kevin Garnett in his number 2 Nets jersey, alongside fellow front court member Brook Lopez.

KG brook media

12:18 PM: Jason Terry on the Knicks: “Obviously, when you have two teams competing for the same thing, it’s gonna be a rivalry”

12:16 PM: Hamilton says Kirilenko used the word “nightmare” to describe what it’s been like playing against Garnett for 12 years. Happy to be on the same side.

12:07 PM: Mason Plumlee likes what he sees from Kidd, says he has a natural confidence. Plumlee also says he’s excited to get back to Duke, where he hasn’t been since graduation.

11:57: AK47 and the Jet ready to meet the media:

AK jet media

photo: Nets Twitter

11:52AM: Mirza Teletovic says he’s in game shape after EuroBasket, and he had a hard  time adjusting to spending time on the bench last season. He says his sporadic play left him out of shape and unable to play defense.

11:48 AM: Players are getting their portraits taken. Here’s Shaun Livingston in his number 14 jersey, courtesy of the Nets’ Twitter account.

livingston media

11:44 AM: Andray Blatche: “The Nets are the deepest team in the NBA.” Also says Jason Kidd is smart and knows the game well, but the onus rests on the players: “We’re the ones that have to go on the court & bring it.”

11:41 AM: Alan Anderson tells Hamilton, regarding Kevin Garnett: “How he plays in the game is how you see him at practice.”

11:31 AM: Evans tells reporters that include SNY’s Moke Hamilton: “On paper, we look real good, but it’s going to come down to everyone making sacrifices.” Evans says the bench unit will play hard against the starters in practice, and believes the back up squad is better than some team’s starting five.

Also he says he has begun growing his beard back.

11:30 AM: Reggie Evans is up to the mic:

evans media