PICTURE: This is the Nets Christmas jersey!

UPDATE, 6:54 PM: ESPN’s Paul Lukas has confirmed that these pictures are in fact what teams will wear on Christmas Day.


Brian Erni

Originally published, 11:16AM: This is a picture from an eBay listing. It seems to jibe with the previous reports we’ve heard about: sleeves,  with the player’s number on the left sleeve. Also, I had heard from a source that the front of the jersey would feature an enlarged logo, not a wordmark like I originally suspected.

I cannot confirm this is the real deal, but I’d put money on it. The tagging looks legit, the seller has a ton of other licensed products for sale, and jerseys often leak through retailers, both on eBay and not. It’s only an educated guess right now, but I think you’re looking at the Nets Christmas jersey.

Here are other team’s Christmas Day jerseys: