Ball movement crucial for this year’s Nets

The Nets have said they plan on breaking away from the isolation-heavy offense they ran last year. So far, it appears they’ve stayed true to their word.JJ pass

In his observations from the first 10 days of the Nets preseason, which includes their overtime win in Washington, Bontemps says the team has been sharing the wealth:

In the brief 12-minute audition the starting five (with Livingston filling in for Deron Williams) […] the ball was moving, and everyone got some touches. Brook Lopez finished with seven shots, Garnett five, Joe Johnson four and Pierce three in those 12 minutes. If the Nets can consistently get that balanced shot distribution and ball movement, everyone should get plenty of open looks and their offense will be effective.

John Paolantonio

Last year, the Nets were stuck in Avery Johnson/PJ Carlesimo-land the entire season. If I had to guess, I’d say 90 percent of the sets were called from the bench. That made it impossible for the captain of the ship, Deron Williams, to run or create advantages with numbers.  ISO ball was the offense, and it was tough to digest as a fan. It was so bland and methodical that it got to the point where my 14 year old son was able to call the plays and know the results.

The ball movement in the first preseason game was a gift from the heavens. I had not seen the Nets share the ball that way in years. The new additions have already changed the Nets culture for the better and that is only one preseason game in.This season,  for the first time, we’ll get to see what unselfish, team basketball looks like in Brooklyn.

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