Tie-less Kidd still unbeaten…for now

Jim Mancari

There are no ties in basketball, and Nets’ head coach Jason Kidd has taken that literally the past three games.kidd no tie

In those contests, Kidd has not worn a necktie with his suit – something that is far from the standard for NBA coaches. Maybe it’s a bit of superstition, but the Nets have won all three of those games: wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers and Atlanta Hawks. Sure, the Nets’ smaller lineup featuring Paul Pierce at power forward seems to be working too. However, the superstitious among us would naturally point to the lack of Kidd’s tie as the reason for this team’s turnaround to start the new year.

Before we get too excited about it though, the Nets have a tough task Wednesday  as they host the Golden State Warriors, who have won 10 straight games. The Warriors, with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, drain three-pointers – an area of defense where Brooklyn has struggled all season. So maybe the Nets will need more than the power of the open collar to prevent the open looks from outside.

Kidd said he would not wear a tie until the Nets lose, and if they can pull off a win tonight – mind you, without Deron Williams – maybe there would be something to this whole tie superstition. But the realists among us would advise Kidd to make sure he has a selection of ties ready for Friday night’s game – which will be another tough one against the Miami Heat.