The #Nets are digging themselves into deep holes that are tough to dig out of

The Nets lost a heartbreaker against the Lakers, in a game in which they chipped away at a 27-point deficit but nonetheless went wire-to-wire without the lead. The loss dropped them to 4-11 on the season.Blatche sad

After rallying to tie the game with four minutes left, the Nets went just 1-of-9 from the field with three turnovers the rest of the way to let a great opportunity slip away.

After the game, Joe Johnson told reporters that there are no moral victories for this team, and while it’s easy to say the Nets should feel confident about the rally, it was still frustrating to have to dig themselves out of a such a big hole in the first place.

“It’s a tough loss […] because we come here knowing if we don’t give up that many points in the first quarter, we have a really good chance to win the game, so that’s probably the most discouraging thing about it.”

The Nets gave up 34 points in the first quarter, and only 65 more the rest of the game.

Jon Presser, Contributor

I was holding my breath in those final few minutes, and the way it ended was like a punch to the gut to knocks the wind right out of you. What an awful way to lose a game. They played with energy and with heart, but just could not find a way to execute in those crucial final few minutes.

Paul Pierce was the biggest culprit, as he missed all three of his shots in the final minutes, including a potential game-tying shot from behind the arc. He did have two big rebounds in that stretch, but he also turned it over twice, including a careless pass that gave the Lakers an easy layup, and a lead they would never relinquish.

The Nets do deserve a lot of credit for the they battled back, after it looked like a blowout loss was imminent in the first half. Brooklyn’s third-quarter barometer streak came to an end, as they won the third quarter (and the second and fourth, for that matter) but failed to win the game. They had previously won all four games in which they’d won that quarter, and lost the 10 games they did not.

At the end of the day, it was a roller coaster of a game that had its ups and its downs, and it could’ve been one of the great feel-good comeback victories in recent memory had the Nets been able to pull it off. Nevertheless, they could not, and now they’ll have to regroup and hope their key players can get healthy in time for three games in three nights this weekend.