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Simmons: Nets have three, potentially four, of the worst deals in the NBA

Bill Simmons has ranked the 30 worst contracts in the NBA, and three Nets appear on the list: the Deron Williams/Joe Johnson backcourt and injured center Brook Lopez.

Lopez checks in at No. 21 due to concerns about his health and the surgery that is aiming to correct it. Williams and Johnson grabbed the fifth and fourth spots, respectively.

Potential deadline acquisition Marcus Thornton is number nine on the list:

“The Kings paid him to be a Heat Check Guy since he doesn’t pass or play defense. Well, he’s literally a Heat Check Guy — you keep checking to see if the heat is on. Take away his 42-point explosion against Indiana and he’s averaging less than 16 points per 48 minutes this season. FREEZER CHECK! How do we know his contract is awful? Reportedly, the Nets are trying to trade for Thornton right now. That’s like the Awful Contract Stamp of Approval. Gee, I wonder who signed Thornton to that dumb deal.”

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