raptors laughing

Raptors front office laughing over ‘F— Brooklyn’

Even though they won’t say so publicly, the Raptors front office is still getting a kick out of Masai Ujiri’s “F— Brooklyn” comment.

According to Stefan Bondy, t-shirts that adorned the Toronto general manager’s pre-Game 1 rally comments were distributed to the Raptors front office promptly after Ujiri was fined $25,000 by the league.

Brian Erni

While this hasn’t been much of an issue on the court, it has really seemed to define the dynamic of this series. There are the Nets, a veteran team, chuck full of high expectations, going about their business trying to get to the next level. Then there are the Raptors, a young, brash upstart who is playing with a chip on their shoulder like they have nothing to lose. Thus far, it’s been a wash. The Nets have looked both experienced and poised, and complacent and sloppy. At times, the Raptors have been aggressive and vibrant, and wide-eyed and overwhelmed. With the series deadlocked at two, this is going to be about who wants it more, and it might benefit the Nets to start playing like this offends them. The more the Raptors view Brooklyn, with their lineup of Hall of Famers and big market mystique, as mortal, the better the chances for the Atlantic division champs.