On His Way Out, Jay-Z Takes Shot With ‘Open Letter’

Josh Newman , Field Reporter

Nets minority owner Jay-Z, AKA Shawn Carter has been in the news lately and aside from the continuing controversy surrounding exactly how much of an ownership stake Carter has in the Nets,  some have been critical of the mogul’s formation of a sports agency and his decision to divest his shares in the franchise he helped bring to his hometown.

Fresh off of a trip to Cuba last week with his wife, Beyonce, Carter went into the recording studio on Wednesday night and laid down some lyrics in a track produced by Timbaland and Swizz Beatz.

In the track, titled ‘Open Letter,’ Carter addresses the “controversy” surrounding his separation from the Nets ownership group and seems to be dishing words at nobody in particular.

The track first appeared on Carter’s lifeandtimes.com site early Thursday morning. Give it a listen after the jump.

The part of the impromptu track above that will be of interest to Nets fans is where Carter brings up the impending sale of his shares, which reportedly total roughly $355,000. As he prepares to officially sever ties with the organization, he is apparently not pleased with someone.

‘Would’ve brought the Nets to Brooklyn for free. Except, I made millions off of you f***ing dweeb. I still own the building, I’m still keeping my seats, you buy that bulls***, you better keep your receipts.’

It certainly is not clear who Carter is throwing words at on the track, leaving the whole situation very much up for interpretation. We probably have not heard the last of this, but Jay-Z seems to insinuate that he will still be involved with the franchise, even if just as an owner of “the building,” and from his courtside seats.

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