#Knicks and #Nets WILL Play on Thursday – A Mistake by #NBA?

Tim Frank, a spokesperson for The NBA, just made an official announcement via his Twitter feed.

But is this wise?

Moke Hamilton, NBA Analyst

I certainly understand the decision to go forth with the game. As it stands, the NBA season is already crunched. On average, NBA teams play three games per week and if the NBA decided to postpone the game, there’s no telling when they would have gotten around to rescheduling it.

Also, let’s not overlook the ratings issue here. As of right now, both the Knicks and the Nets are battling issues and if either team sputtered out of the gate, it may have taken some of the luster away from the battle in New York City.

But even still, it seems quite difficult for New York City to be ready to host this event in less than 48 hours. There have been some very disturbing images shown of neighborhoods in and around New York City and millions don’t have power.

Regardless, SNYNets.com will be in Barclays Center on Thursday night and we look forward to seeing what the crowd reaction and overall energy level is like.