Kidd: Deron Williams may not be ready to start the season

Jason Kidd says there’s a possibility Deron Williams may not be ready to start the season, according to SNY’s Josh Newman.

Kidd told reporters before tonight’s game that Williams has not suffered a set back, and he has a work out schedule for tonight. That said, if Williams needs more time, the Nets may hold off to ensure he’s 100 percent.

“If we have to start the season with him trying to get better, I think we all feel comfortable,” Kidd said. “But we’d feel a little bit more comfortable if he were starting.”

Josh Newman, Field Reporter

It’s important to understand what Kidd is conveying here. He isn’t preparing for life without Williams once the regular season opens in Cleveland on Oct. 30, but he raised a giant ‘what if’ by saying what he said. Williams looked fit and smooth during his pregame workout, but still, Kidd saying what he said caused a bit of a to-do.

The likely scenario is this: Williams sits tonight, at the Sixers on Monday, against the Celtics on Tuesday, and against the Heat on Thursday. There isn’t much practice time next week with three games in four nights, so Williams isn’t missing much.

The key stretch is going to be in between the Heat game on Thursday and Oct. 22. That five-day period in between games is likely to contain four practices. If Williams is not up and practicing by the tail end of that span with any eye on playing Oct. 23 at the Celtics and/or Oct. 25 at the Heat, then there will be some cause for concern.

Williams went through a workout on the Barclays Center floor around 6 PM. The Nets posted this video of Williams working on his three point shooting: