Is Phil Jackson the Knicks’ response to Nets’ success?

The Knicks will introduce Phil Jackson on Tuesday, but is it a hiring made out of desperation?

Johnette Howard thinks so. In her latest ESPN New York column, Howard argues that Jackson is a smoke screen meant to distract from the thriving team across the bridge:

“Wait — you don’t think it’s a coincidence the Jackson chase has coincided with the rise of the Brooklyn Nets, one of the NBA’s hottest teams since January? Or that while Knicks coach Mike Woodson is a dead man walking, the Nets’ Jason Kidd has emerged as a viable candidate for coach of the year? Or that Nets executive Billy King was able to add a useful piece to the team at the trade deadline, prying guard Marcus Thornton away from the Kings while the Knicks did nothing to help Anthony — not at the trade deadline, and not last summer, when someone in the lead underground bunker where Dolan locks his front-office types away thought it was a good idea to re-sign J.R. Smith and trade for underachiever Andrea Bargnani.”

It’s worth noting, Jackson reportedly had an informal consultancy relationship with Brooklyn, according to NetsDaily:

“Ownership sought his informal advice on number of things over last couple of years,” one Nets insider told NetsDaily. “There were informal conversations but they never got to specific job discussions.”

Brian Erni

Great read by Howard, whose work I grew up on in her Newsday days. It’s certainly a fair question to ask. If I’m a Knicks fan, though, I’m not debating it at all, instead just dying for anyone to come into the Garden and actually fix that debacle. But since I’m a Nets fan, all I can do is smile a little. Brooklyn still has a ways to go before it truly rivals the Knicks for supremacy in the NYC zeitgeist, but — as a wrote last month — this season could certainly be a start.

On another note, Howard’s piece also shows how Thornton’s stock has risen the last month or so. Deemed as one of the worst contracts in the NBA by Bill Simmons right before the deadline, Thornton is being seen as that integral addition that the Nets needed. Amazing how a few 20+ point games can change things.

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Yes the 6th place Brooklyn. They actually can get to the 3 spot. I think they re going to get it.  If the Nets keep this up the Knicks will eventually be forgotten. Especially a deep playoff run. Ethan what have the Knicks done since 1999. Tell us.

Ethan Goldberger
Ethan Goldberger


The knicks brought in one of the greatest basketball minds in history because of the 6th place Nets? Please.