Home improvement: Nets want to play better at the Barclays Center

On the eve of their 2013-14 home opener, the Nets have vowed to play better at home.Barclays_Center

Joe Johnson said Brooklyn can’t be content with moderate success, and need to give fans a reason to stand up and cheer:

“The difference is, here at home, you can’t be complacent or comfortable. I think teams have a tendancy, when you play at home to be comfortable; ‘We’re gonna feed off the crowd. But you gotta keep the crowd in games.”

“There’s no reason why we should have lost some of the games we lost [last year] at home,” Deron Williams added.

Jon Presser, Contributor

Last year, the Nets were 26-15 at the Barclays Center in the regular season, but just 2-2 at home in the playoffs, including the crucial Game 7 loss. If the Nets want to be a true contender this season — and this is what I use to measure teams as a general rule of thumb — I think they need to crack the 30-win plateau at home. They don’t have to be the Heat (37-4 at home last season), the Thunder (34-7), or the Spurs (35-6), but if they can get around the range of where the Knicks (31-10) and Pacers (30-11) were, they’ll be in business.

For all the praise about Brooklyn and the Barclays Center, turning the home court into a true advantage is something the Nets failed to do in their inaugural year. That was a big part of their season ending earlier than they would’ve liked. With 41 more chances in to get comfortable in their home digs, I think the Barclays will grow into a real advantage by the time the postseason rolls around. It starts tonight with a stand against Miami.