Deron Williams says the demeanor of Nets is better now than last year’s playoffs


“It’s better. A lot better. It’s better than it was in the playoffs. We’re going to be together this year. We had a lot of stuff going on internally last year. People [ticked] off about not playing … normal stuff, but we’re not letting that happen this year.”

Deron Williams, to the Post, regarding the demeanor of the team

Brian Erni

Hmmm. That’s very telling. D-Will is the latest player to elude to the dissent that existed beneath the surface last season. Mirza Teletovic told reporters on Media Day that he had a hard time adjusting to a lack of playing time, which suggested he may not have been happy in his role. Think back to the offseason moves: Billy King’s push to change the culture becomes a lot clearer…

To me, this makes Jason Kidd’s selection as head coach more logical; bringing in a player right off the court should allow the roster to easily relate to Kidd. That should allow Kidd to play good cop, with an open line of communication between his stars, while his coordinators (Lawrence Frank and John Welch) play bad cop, hammering home fundamentals. P.J. Carlesimo’s drill sergeant style seems like it failure to win players over, and we all know how popular Avery Johnson’s system was. Maybe Kidd’s delegate-and-relate style– coupled with some proven leadership — will get the most out of this team.

Jon Presser, Contributor

Interesting words from D-Will. Hard to know exactly who he may be hinting at, but if I had to venture a guess, I wonder if he’s referring to a few of the players who were traded away in the Celtics trade. Kris Humphries only played 11.9 minutes per game in that playoff series, down from 18.3 in the regular season, with Reggie Evans getting the bulk of the time at PF in that series (29.9 minutes per game). MarShon Brooks only played 5.7 minutes per game in that series, down from 12.5 minutes per game in the regular season. Same thing with Keith Bogans, who saw his minutes drop from 19.0 per game in the regular season to 11.5 in the playoffs. Just some idle speculation, but hopefully whoever and whatever Deron was talking about is firmly in the past now.