Afternoon updates from Media Day: Brook Lopez will be ‘Brooklyn’, KG here for a ring

1:40 PM: Pierce on winning the division: “I came here to win a championship. I don’t even want to see a banner if we win the division. The expectations have grown.”

1:35 PM: Pierce on the trade, his mindset and expectations this season: “It’s a business. I have a chip on my shoulder because I want to win a championship. … We have the pieces here to get it done.”

1:33 PM: Paul Pierce now at the podium, feeling comfortable in Nets gear: “I’ve been wearing Brooklyn gear for three weeks now, so it’s not weird anymore.”

1:30 PM: Garnett on another big Nets offseason addition: “Andrei Kirilenko was a huge signing [for us].”

1:27 PM: Garnett says he not spoken to Carmelo Anthony since the trade to Brooklyn

1:25 PM: Garnett on the hype and outside expectations for Brooklyn this year: “I think our own goals and our own expectations are going to exceed everyone else’s.”

1:17 PM: Kevin Garnett is at the podium. He tells reporters, “I’m came to Brooklyn to get another ring. That’s the only reason.”

KG podium

1:11 PM: Brook Lopez will wear ‘Brooklyn’ on the back of his jersey from the nickname game against the Heat.

1:05 PM: “Brook Lopez sees a lot of influence in J-Kidd’s coaching. “You can tell [he] is getting a lot from Lawrence Frank… I think we all have high expectations.” He says Kidd’s transition to coaching is merely a change in wardrobe.