After 5-12 start, Nets move Lawrence Frank off the bench

Moke Hamilton, NBA Analyst

On Tuesday night, shortly before the Brooklyn Nets tipped off against the Denver Nuggets, it was apparent that the club would be looking for its first pair of back-to-back wins this season.

Jason Kidd, Lawrence FrankWhat was a surprise, however, was what Jason Kidd announced in his pre-game media availability session.

Lawrence Frank has been “reassigned,” per Kidd. Frank will no longer be seen on the Nets’ bench during games or calling plays. In fact, he probably will not be seen at all. The only duty that Kidd specifically mentioned Frank would have is “filing reports.”

Kidd also mentioned that Frank will not be at team practices, either. In other words, Frank has not been fired, but Nets fans may have seen the last of him. He will not be replaced on the bench, but will no longer serve as Kidd’s right-hand man, and the move comes as a bit of a surprise, despite the Nets getting off to an abysmal 5-12 start in a season that begun with championship aspirations.

Back on June 13, the Nets made the first of one of their splashy offseason moves in officially announcing Kidd as the club’s 22nd head coach. On that day, Kidd addressed Frank through the assembled media, confirming reports about him wanting Frank on his bench and making it known that he believed he and Frank could excel together.

Two weeks later, Frank was officially signed, and now a few months later, he is officially reassigned. The news comes on the heels of a report from the New York Daily News that Kidd and Frank were at odds.

During his pre-game availability session on Tuesday night, Kidd was fairly mum as to what led to the decision, offering, in part, that it became apparent that he and Frank had “different philosophies” and that in demoting Frank, “this was a decision that I had to make.”

For the Nets, things promise to get much more interesting. Over the past few years, rookie head coaches such as Mark Jackson and Frank Vogel assembled staffs featuring individuals with much more coaching experience than them and found success. Their success led many to believe that with Frank by his side, Kidd could have similar success with these Nets. 

Obviously, that was not the case.

With Frank seemingly out of the picture, the spotlight will now shine brighter on Kidd. His voice will be unchallenged and if there were questions before, there certainly are no questions now: this is Kidd’s team.

For better or worse.

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