Should The Nets Remove The Interim Tag From P.J. Carlesimo?

P.J. Carlesimo is doing his best to make it hard for the Brooklyn Nets management to keep looking for someone to replace him. The Nets continue to win under the direction of Carlesimo and have run off a 9-1 streak to start his coaching career with them.  The team has responded to his coaching style and looks to be more focused and it shows on the court.

The question that some are beginning to ask is whether the Nets should remove the interim tag for Carlesimo and just officially announce that he will coach for the remainder of the season—at least.

PJ Carlesimo at presser

P.J. Carlesimo

From Dave D’Alessandro/Star-Ledger Columnist

Anyway, if the Nets are closer to removing the interim tag from P.J.’s whiskers, they’re either waiting to see how the next few weeks shake out, or the guys on this side of the pond lack the authority to act. “P.J. has done a great job, and he has our full support,” is Billy King’s loquacious summary of the situation.

Which is why the interim tag should come off — today.

And by the way, nobody knows it better than the players. “If you’re gonna make a change in mid-season, you have to maintain some familiarity with what’s happening, as opposed to some guy coming in and trying to teach a completely different system,” says the smartest guy in the room, Jerry Stackhouse.

“Honestly, the way it’s going is great — it wouldn’t be any different if they gave me a 10-year extension or told me we’re not going to meet again until the end of the year,” P.J. says. “The players are great, they’ve responded. But look what’s coming: I’ve got a major logjam at 4 and 5 I’m going to have to deal with pretty soon, and the schedule we have coming up has some real bumps.”

So assume this is a permanent arrangement, just not officially. That’s how Carlesimo will approach it, anyway. He’s a lifer, this is an opportunity, so you know the rest: The only thing that matters to him now are today’s practice and tomorrow’s game.