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P.J. Carlesimo Addresses Nets Trade Rumors With Mike Lupica

On Thursday afternoon, P.J. Carlesimo joined Mike Lupica on his afternoon radio show on 98.7FM, ESPN New York. Don La Greca, Lupica’s co-host, asked Carlesimo, directly whether he had any idea as to whether or not the Nets would make a move.

Carlesimo didn’t say the Nets would, but he didn’t say they wouldn’t, either.

“No, I don’t, to be honest with you,” Carlesimo said when asked whether he knew whether the Nets would make a move today.

“To be honest with you, Billy King has said from the beginning that if there is something out there that will make us a better team going forward, he’s gonna do it. But, the thing that all GMs say is that they are not gonna do a deal for the sake of doing one. So, you know, it’s really what’s gonna happen in the last couple hours. If someone changes off of what they’re offering or what they’re looking for, Billy’s not afraid of doing something. We have some pretty good pieces if we want to make a deal, but unless it’s something he feels is gonna help us long term, then he’s not gonna do it.”

The Nets do have a lot of good pieces. First round draft picks and European prospects, mainly. The only thing to consider is that King is in the final year of his deal and may be inclined to make a move that will make the team stronger in the short term. If the Nets fail to upgrade and end up getting bounced in the first round, there’s no telling how Mikhail Prokhorov would respond to that or whether or not he would blame King for that.

There are less than two hours remaining before the deadline. Stay tuned.