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Domain Name for ‘’ Redirected Once Again

The comedy that has become continues as now the invisible owner of the domain is redirecting the website from the previous site, which it was redirected to last week, to today.

Who is this person behind this charade as it is obvious all they want is to make Mikhail Prokhorov pay them big bucks to purchase the domain rights?  What does it look like now?


Whoever is behind will not stop until Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov goes out and purchases their domain name. Back in October, we thought that Mark Cuban took control of the site just to take shots at Prokhorov but those rumors turned out to be untrue… or so we think. Last month, the website altered its appearance and simply redirected its visitors to the homepage of the New York Knicks. Apparently, the people behind are back at it again, but this time, they have taken aim at the most powerful 1/15 of 1 percent owner of any sports franchise, Jay-Z. If their goal is to get Prokhorov to bite the bullet by getting at Hov, think again. Sooner or later, the shenanigans need to end. Please. io & video clips, plus get the latest news, join our community now!

John Paolantonio

This is getting humorous and a tad bit ridiculous. Someone please tell Prokhorov to just purchase the domain name already…